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Comet Magnetic C1 Unit

Water & Fuel Conditioning

Comet Magnetic C1 Unit


Comet Magnetic C1 Unit


This is the first of our Standard range of Water conditioning units for use on moderately hard water.

This unit is designed for "Normal" Town Water where there is small problem with calcium build-up on hot water elements, air conditioning batts, shower heads and taps.

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Studies indicate that over 78% of Australian homes have a problem with hard water from either a bore or town supply and many don't realise they have hard water.

A Comet Water Conditioning Unit will treat all your calcium build-up, scale problems, rust stains, soften the water without removing the calcium, magnesium and zinc in tap water which are beneficial to the human body and stop the calcium build-up in the pipes that is costing you money.

These units actually de-magnetise the minerals in the water as it passes through the magnetic field. This will stop the minerals adhering to each other and to any metal they come in contact with.

  • Installation is easy.
  • No Plumbing required
  • Clamps to the outside of the pipe
  • One unit will treat most households
  • Save up to 75% in detergents and chemicals
  • Save up to 25% in electricity usage
  • Improve efficiency of household appliances
  • Balance pH Levels

Other benefits include:

  • reduced scale build-up on elements thus reducing electricity usage
  • reduced amount of detergent required in dishwashers and washing machines
  • reduced soap and scum on showers and bathes thus reducing time spent cleaning
  • softer conditioned water is better for hair and skin
  • no on-going maintenance of the installed water conditioning unit
  • conditioned water tastes better
  • removes existing scale build-up, and prevents further build-up in pipes
  • prevents calcium build-up in sprinkler heads
  • eliminates the requirement of harsh chemicals to remove sticky residue
  • equalises pH Levels
  • does not pollute ground water or interfere with septic systems
  • topsoils have a natural mineral content carried to plants
  • less landfill, as unnecessarily discarded toilet bowls, water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. becomes a part of history
  • reduces the need for digging, fracturing concrete slabs, tearing up streets, etc., due to pipe blockage

This unit is designed to fit ½"-1" (13-25mm) pipes with normal flow rate.

One unit placed near the water meter (can be buried underground) will service the whole household needs.

For particular problems with hot water elements and/or Air Conditioning Batts a second unit placed on the outside of the HWS and/or Air Conditioner would assist in stopping the calcium build up.

The size of your pipe and the hardness of the water determines the best unit for you.

For problems with harder / bore water please check out our other products.