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38 Allawah Street
Tamworth NSW 2340



Water Magnets

I purchased one of Magnets 'R' Us water softening units and the improvement in the water quality and taste were nothing short of miraculous. We now drink water directly from the tap whereas we boiled it before.
WR Tamworth, NSW.
We have several Magnets 'R' Us water magnets on our farm and have been extremely pleased with the results including a very noticeable improvement in the feel and taste of the water. Our bore water is very hard. We were replacing the hot water element every three months and since installing these magnet sets eighteen months ago we have not replaced an element and have a very noticeable reduction in the calcium build up in the hot water system.
JR Dubbo, NSW.
We purchased several water softening units from Magnets 'R' Us and we are using them around the farm and in the town of Narrabri with great success.
KC Burren Junction, NSW.
I purchased a Comet C1 from Magnets R Us and attached the unit directly to my water main. No hassle installation (and no tools required) and within three days of installation my water (with high salinity content) has become pleasant to taste and we're starting to use a lot less detergents already. Even my pets' fur has improved lustre due to drinking the softened water. I have to admit I'm convinced! Looking into another product already!
MR Tamworth NSW

Hematite Jewellery

Having suffered pain in my right elbow for over three years, as well as my hands were now becoming arthritic and I was unable to knit. A friend told me about the healing qualities of hematite and I purchased a magnetic necklace from Magnets 'R' Us and within two hours I couldn't believe that the pain had gone, within two days I was knitting again. I was truly amazed at the result.
JG Attunga, NSW.
I had a viral complaint the reduced the mobility of my wrists and it also caused painful swelling of that area of my body. When asked by Magnets 'R' Us to try one of their magnetic bracelets I agreed but was very sceptical of the results that would be forthcoming. After four days I admit that I had to change my mind, the swelling had gone down and my wrists were no longer painful. I also found that I was sleeping better and the medical staff at my place of employment were amazed at the improvement in my health. Thank you Magnets 'R' Us.
KS Tamworth, NSW.

Magnetic Therapy Products

My husband and I have purchased several therapeutic products from Magnets 'R' Us and we have found they have provided us with excellent pain relief and a welcome improvement in mobility.
MP West Tamworth, NSW.
My daughter gave me a pair of magnetic bootees because I have Reynards Disease resulting in poor circulation in my feet. I used to wear two pairs of sox to bed to keep warm and then soak my feet in hot water for half hour each morning . With the magnetic bootees I no longer have to soak my feet and my feet are warm all night.
WP Tamworth, NSW.

Magnetic Brooms and Magnetic Lathe Cleaners

We obtained one of Magnets 'R' Us workshop brooms and the time saving and reduction of farm implement tyre problems is very noticeable. The work shed and surrounds have never looked better.
PP Narrabri, NSW.

Fuel Magnet

We have been trialling the Magnets 'R' Us magnet sets on the diesel engines on our bore pump sites and the improvement in fuel economy has been phenomenal with savings of up to 1,000 litres difference when the fuel tanks are refilled.
JR Dubbo, NSW.
(The test was done using two similar engines doing the same job and the comparison was done between one with magnets fitted and one without magnets fitted, the fuel saving was achieved when the engines were running constantly. In this case 1,000 litres represents a saving of approximately 15%)