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Comet Fuel Economiser

Water & Fuel Conditioning

Comet Fuel Economiser


Comet Fuel Economiser

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The Comet Fuel Economiser is fitted around the outside of the fuel line.

When the diesel fuel flows through the magnetic field, the charged particles of the atoms that form the molecules are energised and realign.

The increased molecular activity caused by the magnetic field causes the molecular clusters to break up and the individual molecules to become more agitated, thereby more completely combining with the oxygen during combustion.

The dispersion of the molecular clusters and the energizing of the hydrocarbon molecules flowing through the magnetic field enable a greater number of molecules to combine with oxygen.

This enhanced combustion results in more efficient burning of fuel, reduced emissions and improved engine performance.

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The Comet Fuel Economiser has been tested in field situations on diesel engines of pumps being used for irrigation.

Test Results

Result 1:

Two identical diesel engines and pumps on a cotton property in the Trangie area, pumping water from their bores to their storage dam to water cotton fields.

Our Comet Fuel Economiser was applied to one pump but not the other.

Each unit used to use 6000 litres per month to pump the water to the storage.

In one month the Comet Fuel Economiser saved the owner (JR) 1000 litres of fuel.

The second engine has now been fitted with a fuel economiser.


Result 2:

A single diesel engine and pump situated near the river, pumping water to a cotton crop.

After about 4 weeks the owner (“Rolly”) looked down towards the river and couldn’t see any of the smoke he was accustomed to seeing.

Assuming the engine had stopped running he got in his vehicle and went down to investigate.

What he found was an engine running so quietly and smoothly that is was no longer emitting all those harmful exhaust emissions, the owner then fitted a flow meter to the engine with and then without the fuel economiser and discovered his fuel economy had improved by 15%.

  • Fitted in minutes with minimal tools

  • Cleans existing carbon deposits on your engine

  • Environmentally kind by lowering harmful exhaust emissions.

  • The lowest priced product of its kind on the market.

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • 12% - 20% savings on fuel consumption (guaranteed).

  • 15% - 30% reduction in Carbon emissions.

  • 25% - 35% reduction in HC emissions.

  • Reduced engine vibrations and improved performance.

  • Rapid return on investment.

  • No alterations to the engine or the fuel line.

  • Simple one time installation.

  • Environmentally friendly.


These units are not designed for use on cars and modern vehicles as most vehicles are now fitted with Electronic Fuel Injection and other computerised systems which override the chemical reaction caused by the magnetic force.

Your Questions Answered.

  1. How long before I notice any changes?
    You should see a reduction of 10% - 12% in your fuel bills within the first week. The amount of saving will increase over time as the engine is cleaned of the carbon residue already deposited.

  2. Will the Comet Fuel Economiser harm my engine or void my warranty?
    No, There are no apparent reasons that your engine warranty should be voided. The Fuel Saver is designed to, and has been proven to, help reduce fuel consumption and toxic emissions. It will realign the molecules to work more efficiently which will not harm your engine. When the fuel passes through the magnetic field, the hydrocarbon molecules are temporarily ionised to create positively aligned molecules (P.A.M). The ionised hydrocarbon molecules result in a complete combustion when in contact with the negative oxygen (air-fuel mixture).

  3. How does the Fuel Saver provide savings on fuel consumption and better engine power?
    The magnetic field ionises the fuel to improve the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels, and delivers a complete combustion, thus obtaining maximisation of the fuel economy, improved fuel efficiency and reduced polluting emissions. Generally engine combustion is incomplete due to the molecular clusters of hydrocarbon fuel. In normal cases, only about 70% of the total burnt fuel provides the real power, with 30% of the fuel wasted and carbonised. The magnetic field causes specific changes at a molecular level within the fuel and therefore achieves complete combustion.

  4. What type of vehicle or equipment is the Fuel Saver suitable for?
    The Comet Fuel Economiser is designed for use on all types of fuel pump engines and non-computerised diesel vehicles. It offers the same performance on all types of fuels including leaded, unleaded and especially diesel.