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Magnetic Innersoles

Personal Pain Relief

Magnetic Innersoles


Magnetic Innersoles


Many believe the soles of the feet contain pressure points that relate to the whole body. Magnetic inner soles release the healing power of magnets through these pressure points to the entire body. Magnetic Innersoles are designed to relieve the pain in legs and feet that results from long hours walking, particularly on concrete floors, and from playing sport. These therapeutic magnetic insoles are made from flexible magnetic rubber and are moulded with raised bumps that provide the added benefit of stimulating the acupressure points in the foot which pertain to different parts of the body. Each innersole has white markings on the underside indicating foot sizes and are cut to fit.

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Arthritic pain and sporting injuries can be relieved with the help of magnets applied near the source of the pain.

The magnetic field will help to increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation and swelling, accelerate healing and speed up recovery.

Magnetic products are not recommended for use by those individuals with pacemakers, internal insulin pumps, defibrillators or any other electro medical devices.

Not recommended during pregnancy.

Keep magnets away from computer discs, video and audio cassettes and credit cards.