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Ear Candles


Ear Candles


Ear Candles

from 12.00
  • Proudly Australian Made
  • 100% Australian Bees Wax
  • Safest way to clean wax from ears
  • Ideal for use with children (Under adult supervision)
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What do you need?

  • A small bowl of water (to put the flame out at the end)
  • A towel (to protect the hair and head)
  • 2 ear candles
  • A box of matches or cigarette lighter

It is important that a second person holds the candle during the process.

How do you use ear candles to remove wax from ears?

  1. Have the person lie on their side on a flat surface.
  2. Place a towel around the ear to protect the hair and the head
  3. Notice the pathway of the ear canal. The candle will act as an extension of the canal.
  4. Place the narrow end of the candle in the ear canal for a snug fit, hold and lift the ear lobe, for a snugger fit. Keep the candle vertical and reposition the head if necessary. Make sure the candle follows the direction of the ear canal.
  5. Light the candle wick, make sure there are now drafts.
  6. Hold the candle firmly, rest your hand on their head. Make sure you don't press down causing discomfort.
  7. When the candle has burned down to the red line (2½" remaining), gently remove the candle from the ear and place the flame end in water to put it out.
  8. Repeat the procedure with the other ear.

You must candle both ears.
Do not re-insert candle into ear if for some reason it comes out.

Ear Candles come in packs of two (2) or four (4)